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Has Your Claim Been Denied?

Filing a claim does not guarantee that you will be given any disability benefits. In fact, the amount of claims that are denied is quite shocking. Why would so many claims be denied when so many veterans are in need of aid? There is no easy answer to this question because there are a number of different reasons that a claim might be denied. The process is very slow and there are a large number of veterans filing claims. The sheer size of paperwork that must be filled out and processed is enough to keep the entire system backlogged for years.

Contact Our Veterans Disability Advocates

We welcome you to contact the nationwide veterans advocates of Veterans Help Group to discuss your situation and how we can help. Call 855-855-8992 or fill out our online case evaluation form at the bottom of the page.


    Reasons for Rejected Claims

    The reasons behind a rejected claim could go on forever. Our Veterans Help Group advocates find the following are common reasons for a denial:

    1. Incomplete Medical Evidence
    2. Incomplete Forms/Claims
    3. Unprepared for VA Examinations
    4. Insufficient Medical Opinions
    5. Missed Deadlines
    6. Unawareness of Potential Claims
    7. Incorrect Strategy for Appeals
    8. VA Applies Incorrect Legal Standard
    9. VA Fails to Acknowledge Favorable Evidence
    10. VA Neglects its Duty to Assist

    Many of these issues are checked by an automated matching system to see if duplicates are being filed. It is not enough to just send in a claim that has already been denied. If you wish to do this, you must first notify the VA of your intent.

    My claim has been denied, now what?

    If your claim has been rejected, there are a number of likely explanations. Perhaps you did not include all of the necessary information or enough evidence that your condition is a reality. Perhaps you missed a deadline or filled out the wrong form. There is even the possibility that your claim is still being processed. Whatever the reason, if your claim has been denied, you do not have to give up! You can file an appeal and set up a hearing in an attempt to get the Office of Veterans Affairs to re-review and approve your claim. To assure the best chance at a successful outcome, have an advocate at your side who will know what you must fill out and what information you need to provide. Working with a representative from our team can make the process easier and much quicker. You can fill out our case evaluation form below to get started.



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