Relaxed Rules Concerning PSTD



PTSD classification 

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder has been a symptom of war as long as military conflict has existed. This condition has not always been classified under a clearly defined medical classification but its symptoms have followed many individuals who have undergone some sort of distressing event. More recently, the government instituted a few new rules concerning veteran PTSD claims. These regulations extended to veterans from every era and any war. They affected any claims made on or before July 13, 2010. 

Liberalizing Regulation for Veterans’ PTSD Claims

Originally in order for a veteran to receive any benefits from PTSD, the arbitrators were required to develop and collect an extensive investigation record to prove that the individual actually experienced the traumatic event, called the in-service stressor. The process has been simplified through this new legislation. Now as long as the claimed stress is consistent with the place and circumstances of their military service and a psychologist confirms that the event is adequate to cause PTSD, the VA Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder claim will be upheld. 


    Health Conditions Caused by Agent Orange

    U.S service members who were exposed to the chemical began developing various health conditions after its use by the military during the Vietnam War. Many studies followed and linked Agent Orange to many of these medical conditions. There are about 50 diseases connected to exposure to Agent Orange and almost 20 birth defects recognized in the children of Vietnam veterans.

    Benefits of the New System for PTSD Claims

    These new rules make the VA disability claims process much quicker and easier for those veterans who are experiencing PTSD. The Office of Veterans Affairs will be able to go through claims and make a decision much quicker. Furthermore, it will also make it much easier for a former service member to prove that they do in fact have this syndrome, as long as they have a VA psychologist or psychiatrist who has supported the diagnosis and their military service experience matches the stressor experience that the individual is claiming.

    If you are experiencing this type of anxiety disorder, there are ways you can find help. Working with a VA psychologist can help you work through the symptoms you are suffering from. This therapy may be eligible to be covered by a VA disability claim. If you are wondering if you should file this claim or not, contact Veterans Help Group. Our advocates can help you navigate through all the details of this new law and see which path is best for you.




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