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As one of the leading VA disability law firms in the country, we have been able to help thousands of veterans and their dependents to receive all types of disability benefits. Our firm is dedicated to helping veterans like you receive the compensation they are entitled to. With decades of combined legal experience, our attorneys have a wide range of legal knowledge and can help in even the most unique situations. The only thing the veterans disability attorneys of Bosley & Bratch do is help veterans and their families get the veterans disability benefits and other benefits they deserve. That’s it.

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Why do you need a lawyer?

  • Having representation increases your chances of winning.
  • We know the law: the VA’s regulations are over 2,000 pages.
  • We have investigators to find records.
  • We know the process and how to overcome the challenges.
  • We write legal briefs arguing why you are entitled to benefits.
  • We obtain affidavits from witnesses to bolster claims.

Why Work With Bosley & Bratch?

The types of injuries that might occur during wartime are extensive. That means that the care provided in the aftermath must be extensive as well. Unfortunately not all eligible service members receive the aid they need. If you are in this position, work with an attorney from Bosley & Bratch who has the experience needed to get you through this difficult time.

You are not alone and you are entitled to collect a debt the government owes you for service-related disabilities.


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