Speed Means Inaccuracy on Veterans Disability Claims

From Federal Times:

Concerned about inaccuracy on veterans disability claims, the Service Women’s Action Network (SWAN) proposes an overhaul of how claims workers are evaluated because the current work credit method “paradoxically prolongs the adjudication process by privileging speed over accuracy in initial claim discriminations.” The group recently offered a written statement to the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee on the emphasis on speed over accuracy on claims, adding:

By measuring employee productivity strictly by the number of cases processed, VA offers reviewers an incentive to take any shortcut necessary to clear their desks of pending claims.

The rate of inaccuracy on veterans disability claims, roughly 16 percent, concerns VA officials, but they worry that measuring employee performance solely on perfect accuracy would give no incentive for anyone to work hard. VA is working on new training methods to cut mistakes while also increasing processing speed.

Were You Wrongly Denied Veterans’ Disability Benefits?

Inaccuracy on veterans disability claims means many deserving vets are denied benefits they rightfully deserve. If you suspect your rating was inaccurate or your claim was wrongly rejected for other reasons, we can help. The central mission of Veterans Help Group is to educate vets about their rights to VA disability benefits and help you get all the benefits you deserve.

Learn more about VA disability ratings, how the VA claims and appeals process works, and how our veterans disability advocates can help you. If you were wrongly denied benefits, please fill out our free case evaluation form. There is absolutely no charge for us to take a look at your case and let you know what we think your legal options are.

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