Veterans Help Group: Getting VA Benefits

Getting VA benefits that you deserve can be a lengthy and strenuous process. There are thousands of pages filled with legal jargon that can cause many people to give up on the process. Our hope is that each deserving veteran, who has fought and sacrificed their own well-being for the sake of our great nation, will be able to receive their VA benefits.

As advocates who have decades of combined experience working specifically with VA claims and appeals, we have the right tools and information get VA benefits for our clients, and we have the passion to do so. Many of the advocates at Veterans Help Group are veterans ourselves, and we have personal ties to what veterans struggling to get their benefits are going through. Our purpose is to make everything as easy as possible.

Free Case Review for VA Benefits

We offer veterans a free case review for VA benefits when you reach out to us for assistance. We will evaluate your case and determine where it stands and whether or not we feel that we can make a difference in your case. If we are not confident that it is going to have a successful outcome, we will not take on the case.

When we find that your claim has potential for a positive outcome, we will go over the legal process in detail with you before you choose to move forward with our experienced and dedicated team.

Legal Process for Getting VA Benefits

The legal review, claims, and appeals processes can be lengthy and rules are often modified. However, we pride ourselves in keeping our clients prepared and informed every step of the way. You will easily be able to contact our offices and advocates to get the latest updates on your case or to ask any questions that you may have.

  • Initially your forms will be submitted to the VA and you may be evaluated medically, or they will request copies of your medical records.
  • If you are filing an appeal to a prior denial, we will work with you to get the proper paperwork filed for further evaluation by the VA.
  • After a second denial, it may be appropriate to take the case to other departments, such as the Board of Veterans Appeals or other parties.

We will work with you through the process to ensure that your case is evaluated by all of the appropriate parties for the best possible results.

Studies Show: Veterans are Much More Likely to Win a Case if They Have an Advocates

Recent studies have shown that veterans are much more likely to win a case if they have an representative. We also help bring the stress to a minimum by handling all of the complex details. The most assuring part is that you don’t have to pay expensive fees or a retainer upfront. If you don’t win, you don’t pay. That simple fact brings many of our veterans great peace of mind.

We Fight for Your Benefits – Once your claim or appeal has been filed, we will fight for you until you get the benefits that you greatly deserve. Results are never guaranteed, but as one of the top veterans firms in the country, we have had many successful cases and outcomes.

Contact Veterans Help Group today to see how we can simplify your life and help to get your VA benefits.

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