Ensure That “No Soldier Walks Alone” Through Soldiers’ Angels 10k Steps A Day Challenge

Ensure that “No Soldier Walks Alone” Through Soldiers’ Angels 10k Steps a Day Challenge

 Volunteers sought for July 1-30 campaign to provide aid, comfort, and resources to the Military, Veterans, and their families

Soldiers’ Angels, a national nonprofit organization that has sent more than one million care packages to deployed Service Members over the past 20 years, announced that registration is open for its inaugural 10K Steps a Day Challenge. The virtual fundraiser aims to raise crucial funds to support the organization’s mission of ensuring our Service Members, Veterans, and their families are not forgotten.

“This July, join us in making sure that no Service Member or Veteran walks alone,” said U.S. Air Force Veteran Amy Palmer, President and CEO of Soldiers’ Angels.

“Every care package boosts the morale of our deployed Service Members separated from friends and loved ones. Register today and take a step towards supporting those who have dedicated their lives to protecting our freedom.”

The challenge pays homage to Soldiers’ Angels’ motto, which calls on all Americans to remember the service and sacrifice of the Military-connected community: “May no soldier go unloved | May no soldier walk alone | May no soldier be forgotten | Even after they come home.™”

In partnership with Good United and supported by a generous $15,000 donation from Veterans Help Group, the challenge will run from July 1 to July 30, uniting the organization’s supporters worldwide. Participants are challenged to walk 10,000 steps daily, gathering pledges and donations to ensure the organization has funds to support its mission.

The funds raised from the 10k Steps a Day Challenge will directly benefit the essential programs Soldiers’ Angels offers, including care packages for deployed Service Members, transportation and housing assistance, and critical health and wellness services. These programs are vital in providing comprehensive support to Military communities, ensuring that every Service Member, Veteran, and family member feels appreciated and cared for. With an impressive 94.5% efficiency rating, supporters can be confident that their contributions will make a meaningful impact.

Soldiers’ Angels invite community members to join this impactful initiative by registering for the 10K Steps a Day Challenge by visiting GoodUnited.io/Challenge. Participants can engage either by taking part in the walking challenge or by making financial contributions to the cause. Every step taken and every dollar raised will empower Soldiers’ Angels to continue their mission of providing aid, comfort, and resources to the Military-connected community.

To learn more about the many ways Soldiers’ Angels is making a difference in the Military and Veteran communities, please visit SoldiersAngels.org.

Learn More About Our Partnership With Soldiers’ Angels Below:

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