Toxic water found in military communities

Every mothers hope is for their child to be born strong a healthy. For new mother Carmen Soto, fear outweighs that hope. Stationed in a military community during her pregnancy, she went about her day as anyone would making sure she kept hydrated. What she didn’t know was that the well water she was consuming was laced with chemicals. The chemicals found in the water were released from a white foam like substance the military uses to regulate fires. These chemicals were 20 times  higher than the zone where they would be considered safe. Sotos newborn, Volk Sanders, is struggling to put on weight and she worries about other long term side effects of consuming the water. The Defense Department identified at least 2,000 communities affected, most of them are on Air Force bases. The location of these bases so far are in Alaska, California, Colorado, Delaware, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

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