Veterans Want VA to Make Medical Marijuana Viable Option for Treatment

A recent article in the Washington Post features veterans who are proposing that the VA make medical Marijuana a legitimate and recognized source for treatment of combat-related disorders like PTSD and anxiety.

Twenty-three states have legalized the use of medical marijuana, however the federal government still classifies it as an addictive Schedule I drug in the same category as drugs like LSD. Because of this classification, the VA is unable to make this a viable treatment option for veterans even if it is currently legal in the state in which a veteran resides.

In fact, because the VA is regulated under Federal Government laws, someone in the military is still not allowed to use marijuana for medical purposes or any other reason because of its drug classification. Use and detection could result in severe consequences, including possible bad conduct discharge.

Study: Using Marijuana to Treat Veterans with PTSD

According to CBS News, the government may be approving a study on the use of medical marijuana to treat veterans with PTSD that could potentially change these regulations, if the study indeed occurs and results are favorable.

Medical marijuana is used in several types of treatment including pain management, PTSD, cancer, glaucoma, and other conditions. Proper dosages are still being researched.

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