We Can Help You With Your VA Case Regardless Of Where You Live

When most people consider hiring an advocate they typically think that they need to find a one that is nearby.  The same city, county or metro or even state probably comes to mind.  People think this for various reasons including the knowledge of the law in that particularly geographical area or the knowledge of the people including judges, etc.  With respect to specific city or county ordinances or laws such as zoning this may be particularly true. However, it is not true with VA disability law.

VA disability law is governed by various federal laws and regulations.  These are uniform throughout the country meaning that an advocate in California is working with the same laws as a one in Florida.  As far as the judges, the  Administrative Law Judges at the Board of Veterans’ Appeals who decide VA appeals are in the Washington, DC area so they are not local.  Additionally, advocates are allowed to represent veterans in any state in the country regardless of where they are licensed to practice as long as they are licensed in at least one state and are certified by the VA to do it.

What is more important than the location is the experience that the advocates have as well as the results  they have obtained.  Also, listening to what former clients have to say in the form of testimonials or reviews is helpful.  Finally, consider the resources they can bring to the case including their ability to work with various medical and vocational experts.

Veterans Help Group Can Help You Wherever You Live Across the USA

At Veterans Help Group, our advocates are certified by the VA to represent veterans all across the United States.  We have helped clients win their VA disability benefits in almost every state and even in a number of different countries around the world.  We have been helping veterans get their VA benefits for over twenty years.  We work with a number of different medical and vocational experts.  If you have a VA disability claim or appeal and would like to talk to one of our lawyers we can help you regardless of where you live.  The call is toll free at (855) 855-8992 and so is the initial consultation.

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