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Further benefits

The VA provides a number of disability and other VA benefits to veterans. Not all benefits are restricted to disability claims. Some of the areas of VA benefits include:


Filing for VA Benefits

It is highly recommended all veterans file a claim for the VA benefits to which they believe they may be entitled.  We generally only represent veterans after they have been denied or if they are unsatisfied with a rating.  So, we encourage you file a claim with the VA on your own and www.va.gov.  If your claim is denied, or you are not satisfied with your decision, contact us to discuss how to appeal the decision.


    Other services

    In terms of health care benefits, there are 8 categories of veteran priority groups. These groups determine who should receive these benefits first and to the greatest extent. Placement in these groups is tied closely with disability ratings. Pensions are given to veterans who have very low incomes and are permanently or totally disabled. With such extensive disabilities, it will be impossible for these individuals to find new and better sources of income. These pensions provide monetary support and are given according to income levels.

    Educational and training benefits are good for up to 15 years after the last period of active duty. These benefits are afforded based on the length of active duty. The payments will extend to cover the cost of tuition, housing, and books and supplies. Home loan benefits are also an important aspect of federal veteran aids. The home loan can be used to buy or build a home, buy a condominium unit, buy a cooperative housing unit, or even refinance an existing home loan. Many benefits also extend to service members’ dependents and spouses. This can include health care, insurance, and other services.



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