Veterans Don’t Understand Benefits Owed to Them

A recent VA survey shows a surprising number of veterans do not understand what VA benefits they may be entitled to. The survey revealed that approximately 40% of veterans who served after 9/11 have little to no understanding of what they may be entitled to. Almost 60% of all veterans don’t understand benefits they may be owed. The survey also revealed that awareness of benefits varied by geographical location. Additionally, older veterans tended to have less understanding then younger veterans. VA is reportedly attempting to deal with this problem by improving outreach, and a new law requires service members to go through benefits information sessions.

Veterans are a unique subset of our population, and it can be particularly difficult for those with mental or physical disabilities to obtain the necessary information regarding the benefits owed to them. And, even if they do have some understanding of the benefits they are owed, navigating the complex VA system can be overwhelming, and information is often not readily available.

Do You Know a Veteran Who Needs Benefits?

If you know a veteran who does not seem to be getting the assistance he or she needs, please let that person know that assistance is available. You can learn more here about disability benefits for veterans and a wide range of other federal benefits for veterans.

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