U.S. House Committee Investigating Tampa VA Use of Covert Camera

Is it true: Tampa VA use of covert camera in a vet’s room? The Tampa Times reported today that The U.S. House Veterans Affairs Committee has opened an investigation into the use of a video camera disguised as a smoke detector in veteran Joseph Carnegie’s room at the James A. Haley VA Medical Center in Tampa, Florida.

The camera was apparently installed after Joseph Carnegie’s family threatened to file a medical malpractice lawsuit against Haley. The family noticed that strange looking smoke detector. It had been installed overnight when the family was out of the room. The VA initially defended the camera saying that is routine among hospitals to ensure patients safety and that in this particular instance the camera was installed due to Haley’s medical condition. However, family members said the no one from the VA told them about it.

The VA also initially denied that there was a live video feed but later conceded that the issue. Finally, on Tuesday the VA backed down and announced that the camera will not be used again.

VA Benefits for Florida Veterans

We can certainly hope that the camera incident was isolated and won’t happen again. Veterans deserve to be respected for their service — and to receive proper medical care by the VA. If you are a veteran living in Florida and have questions about your VA benefits, please take a look at our pages on Florida veterans disability advocates and Florida state benefits for veterans.

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