New Class Action Suit Against VA on VA Fiduciary Program

On June 28, 2012 a class action lawsuit against VA was filed in U.S. District Court. Filed on behalf of Veterans and their family members, Case No. 12-330-CV-LMB charges the United States and VA with deprivation of civil rights, intentional infliction of emotional and physical distress, conspiracy and failure to prohibit the deprivation of civil rights, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and a lost of other charges. The class action is asking for financial damages.

The Legislature also hopes to address problems with fiduciaries through a veteran fiduciaries reform bill.

What is the VA Fiduciary Program?

The VA Fiduciary Program protects veterans and other beneficiaries who are unable to manage their financial affairs because of injury, disease, or age. Qualifying requires either a court determination that an individual is unable to manage his or her financial affairs, or for the VA to make such a determination after receipt of medical documentation. You can learn more at the VA Fiduciary Program website.

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