What Benefits Does a 60% VA Disability Rating Get?

What Benefits Does a 60% VA Disability Rating Get?

When you apply for veterans disability benefits, the decision isn’t a simple “yes” or “no.” Instead, the VA assigns a disability rating. That rating determines the benefits available to the disabled veteran, including the amount of the monthly benefits payment, the scope of medical services available, and the availability of certain other benefits. 

Monthly VA Benefits at a 60% Disability Rating

Currently, the monthly VA disability benefit for a veteran with a 60% disability rating and no dependents is $1,319.65. That amount may increase if the veteran has eligible dependents. Eligible dependents may include the veteran’s spouse, the veteran’s minor children, children over 18 in qualifying school programs, and the veteran’s parents. 

The amount of the increase will depend on the number and type of dependents. For example, a veteran with a 60% rating and only a dependent spouse will receive $1,440.65/per month. If that veteran also has a dependent child, the amount increases to $1,528.65/month.

The benefit amount is typically adjusted annually to account for increases in the cost of living, and benefits may be higher if the veteran qualifies for special monthly compensation.

Medical Benefits

While all disabled veterans may receive care through the VA for their service-connected conditions, a disability rating of 50% or higher entitles you to full-service health coverage with no copay. You also won’t pay for prescriptions and may be entitled to a travel allowance for medical appointments.

Other Benefits for 60% Disabled Veterans

Other benefits you may be entitled to with a 60% disability rating include:

  • A 10-point federal hiring preference
  • Waiver of the VA’s funding fee for home loans
  • Vocational services
  • Burial and plot allowances

Individual Unemployability and Veterans Benefits

Veterans disability benefits may be increased if the veteran is determined to be unable to earn a living. What many veterans don’t know is that you can be determined to be totally disabled based on individual unemployability (TDIU) with a VA disability rating of less than 100%. The minimum rating is either 60% based on a single condition or a combined rating of 70%. 

A veteran who is found to be individually unemployable due to a service-connected condition or combination of conditions is eligible for the same benefits they would receive with a 100% VA disability rating. That means:

  • Monthly veterans disability benefits at the 100%, currently $3,261.95
  • Dependents educational assistance
  • CHAMPVA medical coverage for dependents

Your Disability Rating Matters

As you can see, your VA disability rating can have a significant impact on your veterans disability benefits, including monthly payments, medical care, and benefits for dependents. Whether you’re applying for the first time or want to appeal a denial or disability rating, an experienced veterans disability benefits advocate can help put together the strongest case possible. To learn more about how we can help, call (855) 855-8992 or contact us here now.

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